The Collaborative


The Ministry Developers Collaborative is currently in a season of discernment.

The Ministry Developers Collaborative was the programmatic arm of Living Stones. Members were involved in four projects:

The Certificate in Ministry Development provided a group of learners with opportunities to explore and expand their skills in Ministry Development and to provide information to judicatories about some of the education a Ministry Developer received.

This portfolio-based certificate asked participants to show growth in ten areas essential to the type of leadership used in Ministry Development.


Ministry Developers’ Cohort Experience offered support to isolated Ministry Developers in Canada and the United States.

Workshops at Living Stones Collaborative members offered a variety of workshops just prior to each Annual Meeting of Living Stones, usually a day or two before.

Members of the Steering Committee of the Ministry Developers Collaborative:

  • Faith Perrizo, West Virginia – Chairperson
  • Theresa Brion, Maryland
  • Ellen Bruckner, Iowa, Liaison to the Living Stones Coordinators
  • Total MinistryJo Gantzer, Chicago, Administrator for Ministry Developers Certificate Program
  • Christianne Humphrey, Massachusetts,  Episcopal Divinity School
  • Theresa Kelley, West Virginia
  • Susan Ohlidal, Vermont
  • Todd Ousley, Diocese of Eastern Michigan
  • Rayford Ray, Diocese of Northern Michigan
  • Holladay Sanderson, Idaho
  • Susanna Singer, Church Divinity School of the Pacific
  • Fredrica Harris Thompsett, Massachusetts, Episcopal Divinity School
  • Ellen Wondra, Chicago, Bexley Seabury Theological School

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