Pushing the Edges in Ministry Development: An International Symposium

God’s Call, Our Response: What Church Does God’s Mission Require?, a international symposium scheduled for Feb. 1-6, 2015, is planned as a journey to discover God’s ever-evolving mission for the church through shared ministry of all the baptized.  

The symposium will offer a process of critical reflection on the events of daily life in light of the Gospel, creating time and space for sharing of how daily life and ministry come together in our Episcopal/Anglican communities of faith throughout the globe.  We believe that learning from one another about various ways and forms of collaborative ministry will enrich not only participants, but the communities to which they return home– refreshed, renewed, and with ideas and resources.

At a time when economies and cultures around the world are changing, it is even harder for ministries in rural areas to sustain quality religious education, training, and support for clergy and lay leadership.

Since the last symposium in 1999, leadership positions and many diocesan structures for support of the ministry have changed.  It is believed by the coordinators of the Living Stones Partnership and the Ministry Developers Collaborative, co-sponsors of the event, that the time has come to re-establish a network of communication and support for those engaged in the work of  teaching and nurturing the baptized, equipping them for ministry in their local settings.

The planning committee for the symposium includes ministry developers from the U.S., Canada, England, Scotland, and New Zealand.

More information and details about the conference will be posted in a few months.  Inquiries can be directed to the Symposium Committee Chair, Jane Cisluycis at jane@upepiscopal.org.

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