About Us

CoordinatorsOur Purpose: to practice collaborative leadership and work, examine systemic issues, offer professional consultation, and to engage in ongoing Biblical and theological reflection as the members encourage new ways of engaging in the Baptismal Ministry through Total Ministry, Shared Ministry, or Mutual Ministry.

Our Partnership:  we are lay leaders, clergy and bishops, local leaders, regional members, seminary faculty and administrators, members and leaders of faith communities, representatives of judicatories, and ministry developers in local/regional/wider church circles.


Our Partners are currently from the Anglican Church of Canada and The Episcopal Church; we welcome inquiries and guests from throughout the Anglican Communion and other denominations.

Our Forum: an Annual Meeting held in February, structured around the presentation of case studies called Baptismal Ministry Experience and Reflection or BMERs (Bee-merz) by each Partner team in cluster groups.

Each team presents a BMER and responds to others’ presentations, receiving and offering critique and consultation. The depth of experience and wisdom, the breadth of practice, and the insights and observations offered to each other prove invaluable year after year.

Certs and Fredrica

Other Collaborations: The Ministry Developers Collaborative is the programmatic arm of Living Stones and offers opportunities year-round for ministry development, networking and collegiality, and formational and professional development for ministry developers. The Collaborative’s offerings are open to all persons, not only Living Stones Partners.

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