Day 4: “An Interview with Don Phillips “

“We’ve also been introduced to the whole challenge of being a missional church, which is looking much more outward into the world and the communities around it – so for me the exciting grab of this opportunity is the bringing together of a collaborative ministry model with a missional church calling or imperative. None of us knows what that’s going to look like, because most of the collaborative models really were focused on making the church healthy. I won’t say they were entirely focused inwardly, but much of the emphasis was on creating an effective, vital and viable church, so that its members could minister in the world. And, I see the missional church challenge as moving beyond that. Now we are trying to find ways to take that collaborative model and open it up so that it empowers its members and the church as a whole in its mission in the world.” We sat down with the Rt. Rev. Don Phillips to talk about collaborative ministry and the Symposium – both in 1999 and today.

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